The Fetch Ecosystem is comprised of three parts…



Go-Getters are at the center of Fetch and the ones who perform tasks in the Fetch Ecosystem. We welcome all users to participate earning money on the platform.
You set your available hours, set your rates and work on your terms.


Local Businesses

Whether you own a Shop or sell Jewelry online, Fetch can provide more customers to your business. Think of it as an “online shop in a box”. Anything you sell, online or off you can list on the Fetch platform, which users can browse, buy and have delivered to their homes instantly using the Fetch delivery network.



Job setters are the valued users that use and trust Fetch to take care of the things they need done in a hurry.

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About Fetch

Fetch is a mobile application based in Dublin, Ireland offering a marketplace for 24 hour services which provides a unique experience for both the customer and the employment market by providing a one-stop platform where, “Anybody can work for Everybody”.

In an age where more and more is getting done through the peer-to- peer market place, we at Fetch are committed to creating a high quality, one-stop application which will help the customer “get things done”, whilst at the same time creating employment both locally and nationally.

We are dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of varying services, whilst offering jobseekers the opportunity to earn a living wage. We hope to create a fair and equal national marketplace for personal enterprises, services providers and large businesses.

About Fetch